I’m always excited to hear news about products that gives us agents the ability to give our clients more. I got a message relaying to me that Metrolist MLS and Zillow has now “Tied The Knot”. What does this mean for our clients? What’s in it for them? Is it a beneficial tool for a Realtor?
Let’s do a simple breakdown.
You’re a homeowner, with a whole lot of equity in your home. You want to sell so you locate the first agent you come in contact with (that’s another discussion). You list the property for sale. Now let’s look at it as if you listed with us at NextHome; we do the following to compliment the faith of our clients in us: After all the preparation during the pre-listing when the property is listed on the MLS is doesn’t end there. We expand beyond listing your property on our National Listing Distribution system that puts your property on almost all the major Real Estate Listings sites eg: Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, etc. Putting your property not just before the masses but before the right buyer.
What does that mean for our clients? Well that means the possibility of selling quickly and at the right price seems a little more sure than before because of the knot tied with google. What has happened is all the listings per Broker agreement from the Metrolist MLS will be accurately listed on Zillow and it’s affiliated staff. We all know that when you check property value on Zillow you will need a second opinion from a Realtor because of the time listings, as of now, that are not on the MLS updates, which is a little too late after the actual true property data has been released. Somebody say but now… buyers can see your property Nationwide via our NLD system and Zillow and it’s affiliates websites and get real time information on your property. MLS listings on Zillow will refresh every 15 minutes that’s a way better time frame than a 90 days ago property information.
I’m excited that this makes it a whole lot easier to SEO and market for our clients a percentage more better than before and give them promising results.

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