Political Uncertainty

Political Uncertainty Average 30-year fixed rate Week of 05/19 -0.05% Week of 05/12 ±0.00% ---------------------------- Stocks (Weekly) Dow: 20,962 -150 NASDAQ: 6,219 -25 Growing political uncertainty was good for mortgage rates last week. Recent economic data had...

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Life is good for U.S. home sellers

It's good to be a home seller right now ... really good. That's because it's the most profitable time to sell a home in almost 10 years. Homeowners who sold in the first three months of this year saw an average price gain of $44,000 from purchase, according to a...

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Metrolist and Zillow Tied The Knot

I’m always excited to hear news about products that gives us agents the ability to give our clients more. I got a message relaying to me that Metrolist MLS and Zillow has now “Tied The Knot”. What does this mean for our clients? What’s in it for them? Is it a...

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Define a Realtor Survey

Some Homeowners hate to hear the word Realtor or a Real Estate Agent. It might be unbelievable to some but believe it or not we are also called thieves. Crazy! When you think about it. The fact is these homeowners that have incorporated such belief in their decision...

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Top Restaurants In Roseville

Top Restaurants In Roseville Decided to move to Roseville, CA. Well here are tips on the best restaurants around town. Land Ocean is the modern interpretation of the classic steakhouse in an upscale, yet casual, lively atmosphere. Elegant restaurant & bar with...

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NextHome – Overview

NextHome - Overview An inside look at the NextHome difference. We share how our model is all-inclusive, and show you the products, services, tools, technology and more that will give you the edge to grow local marketshare. <iframe...

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